About Shankar Bidari

Shri Shankar Bidari was born in Galagali village of Bilagi Taluka in Bagalkot District on 27th August, 1954. He hails from a middle class family of Banahatti in Jamkhandi Taluk. His father Shri Mahadevappa Bidari was an agriculturist and Secretary of a weaver’s Co-op. Society.

After his education in Government Kannada Boys’ School, Banahatti and S.R.A. High School, Banahatti, he joined G.I. Bagewadi College, Nipani and passed P.U.C. in 1970. Later he joined Posts and telegraphs Department and served as a Telephone Operator from 26th July, 1971 to 31st January, 1977. Meanwhile, he obtained B.A. degree in Economics, as an external candidate from the Karnataka University in 1975. He was selected as Probationary Assistant Commissioner in the K.A.S. by the K.P.S.C. He joined service as Prob. Assistant Commissioner on 07.02.1977. After initial training at Mysore, he underwent District training in Gulbarga. In 1978 he was selected for the Indian Police Service and he joined I.P.S. in July 1978 and was allotted to the Karnataka State.



Our Core Services


Consultancy in Civil, Criminal, Land, Infrastructure and environment issues.

Assistance and guidance regarding registration, investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

Brand Protection

Assistance and guidance in detection, investigation and prosecution of violations of the Copy Rights Act.

Collection of market intelligence having bearing on the Brand Protection.

Background Verification

Verification of character and antecedents of candidates selected for employment in Public and Private limited companies.

Verification of certificates of educational qualification and experience.